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Announcing Fishtail & Logikoss Partnership

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - October 17, 2023

We are proud to announce that Logikoss, a leading air freight consolidator in Mexico, has partnered with Fishtail to offer their customers, freight forwarders in Mexico and Europe, a one-stop shop for affordable cross-border freight booking, managing, and now financing.

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fishtail voices - EPISODE 4

Fishtail Voices: Episode 4

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - August 21, 2023

For episode 4, we were honored to interview digital trade and supply chain sustainability champion, Pamela Mar. As Managing Director at the ICC's Digital Standards Initiative, Pamela walks us through an intimate, first hand view of the interconnectedness of trade finance, sustainability and digitization. 

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fishtail voices - EPISODE 3-1

Fishtail Voices: Episode 3

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - June 29, 2023

For episode 3, we invited Julian Lopez Grajales (Alternative Channels Manager @ Blu Logistics) to chat with us about his impressive track record with companies such as Maersk and Blu. During this 30 minute interview, Julian shares with us his views on conscious automation, relationship management, and much more!

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fishtail voices - SECOND cover - EPISODE 2

Fishtail Voices: Episode 2

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - May 30, 2023

For episode 2, we chat with with Alisa Rusanoff, Head of Credit at Crescendo Asset Management. In this 30 minute conversation, we walk through Alisa's impressive professional track record, her relentless focus on SMBs, and the rise she (and we!) are seeing in structured alternative investments.

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Human-centric leadership through the eyes of Juulia Laakso

Frame 59 (2) By Daria Loi, Ph.D. - March 30, 2023

Daria Loi recently interviewed Juulia Laakso, Partner & CEO at Tramigo Africa. This is a story about human-centric leadership and the woman at the core of what such leadership is, can and will bring to African regions. 

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Fishtail Voices: Episode 1

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Spiwak Wolf - March 28, 2023

To kick off this series, Ronit Spiwak Wolf, our Director of Marketing, spoke with Frankie Mossman, Chief Customer Officer over (no pun intended) at Overhaul. They delve into Frankie's unique professional journey, explore the evolution of relevant data and in-transit supply chain risks in recent years, and give a glimpse into the future of the industry.

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Introducing Fishtail Voices

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Spiwak Wolf - March 23, 2023

We’re excited to introduce a series of thought leadership interviews that brings together experts that are shaping the future of global trade. Thanks to our conversations with diverse leaders with expertise in supply chain and logistics worlds, we will bring a comprehensive and nuanced view of what's happening in the global trading ecosystem.

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Group 115

Building the Next-Gen Global Trade Finance Engine

perry (1) By Perry Johnson - February 9, 2023

At Fishtail we are leveraging cutting edge data science to bring Trade Finance to the twenty first century. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and trade finance experts are applying decades of experience in maritime supply chain intelligence, machine learning and computing to build the next-gen global trade finance engine. 

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Freight Forwarding tech solutions webinar

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - February 2, 2023

On Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 six industry minds came together to discuss the latest in freight forwarding technology. Read the post for a sneak peek of the event, and access a full webinar recording for on-demand viewing.

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Fishtail 2022 Year in Review

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - January 9, 2023

As we prepare to turn the page to a new year, let's take a moment to look back at progress we made in 2022. We are especially grateful for our customers - enabling their missions allowed us to impact global trade in 16 countries, and bring trade finance to a wider audience. Let’s take a deeper look into our 2022 global reach, portfolio highlights and overall growth.

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fiishtail container

The Role of ESG in Trade Finance

Frame 59 (2) By Daria Loi, Ph.D. - December 13, 2022

What if the world of finance was changing and you didn't even know it? ESG is doing more than playing a role in the finance world as a whole, and specifically in Trade Finance. Read on to stay in the know.

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Accessing company financials using the SEC EDGAR API

Frame 59 By Jonathan Sweeney - November 10, 2022

Knowing your customer and their financial performance is key to responsibly assessing trade finance risk. Here we'll dig into one of the largest publicly available data sources on company financial performance: the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database.

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Trade Finance for the rest of us

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Wolf - December 13, 2022

There are increasing opportunities to improve the Trade Finance ecosystem. This is Fishtail’s playground - let’s explore what our focus is and why what we do matters. playground - let’s explore what our focus is and why what we do matters.

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