Why Fishtail?

We turn supply chain data into lower cost of (working) capital.

why fishtail

The challenges
we solve for

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It’s a struggle to get access to financing

Due to limited understanding of supply chains and their risks, traditional Trade Finance prioritizes developed markets and established enterprises - not emerging players.

cash flow

Cash flow constraints are a significant obstacle to a business' growth

Most significantly, it prevents them from taking advantage of growth opportunities that require upfront liquidity, such as expanding into new markets or launching new products or services.

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Pre-shipment, purchase order financing is uncommon

Legacy lenders have a hard time understanding supply chains and their risks - thus financing is rare, manual and expensive.

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Intricate and inefficient workflows complicate and slow down trade financing

This disproportionately impacts small and medium-sized businesses in emerging markets, as they need capital to grow and are located in regions that lack capital for trade.

The solution
we offer

big data

Big data

Using large and diverse data sets, we are able to gain a comprehensive view of our clients' financial and operational performance, helping us better assess creditworthiness and identify potential supply chain risks.



Our technologists and data scientists are applying decades of experience in maritime intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing to build a global trade finance engine for the 21st century. 

We're specifically leveraging advancements in deep learning, graph neural networks, general purpose large language models and image processing as some of the core machine learning methods.



Our next-generation technology and integrations automate the entire trade finance process, from fraud risk detection to underwriting and all the way to supplier payments and collections, so stakeholders can access credit sooner and get paid faster.



Big data and predictive analytics de-risk our operations:
  • Providing end-to-end supply chain visibility, including credit and performance risk insights based on trade history and trends.
  • Identifying trade exceptions and reducing recovery times, which minimize losses and protect our assets.
  • Predictive intelligence provides early warnings and recommendations, allowing us to proactively manage risks and make better decisions early on.

Why now?

Technology coupled with big-data solve the complexity of scaling international trade finance


The breadth and depth of supply chain data is finally available to be harnessed in bigger, better ways. The dramatic evolution in the AI space has made this data readily consumable and applicable by supply chain players to automate, predict, and de-risk their operations. 

Additionally, with the maturity of open standards in fintech, the barriers to entry in trade finance have been dismantled, making it more accessible than ever before. It's time to take advantage of these advancements and lead the way in the industry.

why now

Team DNA

Our team brings trade technology, financing and global logistics proficiency to the table


Our fintech, private equity, global logistics and fund management experts bring the acumen needed to deliver the best value to our customers. 

Our big data, trade technology and large scale machine learning teams are foundational to build platforms that embody that value. 

Our human centric design specialists ensure that our platforms serve customers' needs, while delighting them with interfaces that are easy to use and accessible. 

And last yet not least, our legal and regulatory team ensures that all we do and deliver is spotless.

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