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Your access to competitor and customer data is constrained.

Track customer and competitor activity like never before. Know how companies are interacting with customers and vendors; moving products, and other revealing metrics.


You rely on engineers to interact with & understand data

Become a data-driven powerhouse, all by yourself. Get easy and fast access to digestible data, without the need for extra assistance.                                                                                                                                         

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Your business decisions aren't backed by relevant data

Access industry-tailored insights for confident supply chain decisions: evaluate suppliers and customers, discover prospects, outpace competitors and uncover investment opportunities.

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Global credit bureaus don't *really* understand Trade Finance

Threadfin's evaluation is industry-fit. We bridge the gap left by traditional credit bureaus, providing an advanced and tailor-fit approach designed exclusively for Global Trade.

Use Cases 

Track competitors,  customers + more


Reveal not only direct customers and competitors, but also secondary and tertiary connections.

By exploring these extended connections, gain a holistic view of your market ecosystem, identify hidden influencers, and detect potential opportunities and threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Explore International Networks


Delve into the web of (trade) relationships spanning countries, industries, companies, and products, along with their interactions. Zoom in on any network to unearth valuable and strategic insights that will give you a competitive advantage.

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Intelligent Prospecting


With the right data at the right time, identify and evaluate potential customers with greater precision, resulting in improved customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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Infinite Trade Data Exploration


Go beyond the basics. Access unlimited layers of alternative trade networks and data.

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Secret sauce

Everything that we accomplish, we do so via big-data analytics


We can predict (almost) anything and everything, from the carbon emissions on a ship – to the probability that an invoice is going to get paid. Big data bundled with ML unlock capital for you. Through these predictions, we confidently facilitate the trade finance automation that others won't touch. When you need it most - early on, upstream in the supply chain.