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 Super -   charge your   trade   document   processing



A single shipment requires up to *50* sheets of documents exchanged with up to *30* stakeholders.


Time to super-charge that ^^

How it works


1. Upload any document, in any format

Handwritten or digital contracts, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Packing Lists, and more. Process a wide range of documents, regardless of their origin or format. Upload document(s) manually, via API, or extracted from an inbox.

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2. AI-powered instant parsing and OCR

Poseidon extracts information from any image or document and converts it into structured, machine-readable data.                                                                                                                                                  


3. Make sense of your documents with conversational data extraction

Step into the new era of document understanding with interactive, conversational data extraction that is both instant and hyper-accurate.


4. Send your document data anywhere

Once parsed, you can send the structured data to your system of record.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Document format agnostic

We mean it. Pdfs, images, word documents or excel files. All the same to us.

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Control how your data is extracted


We don't rely on pre-set templates. Custom schemas allow Poseidon to accuratley process any document, no matter how it's structured.

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Enable tailored alerts on top of parsed data


Configure customizable alerts and Poseidon will verify your specific rules/ checks alongside extracted data.


Infinitely scalable document processing


Poseidon handles any amount of documents, regardless of their size or complexity. Scale your document processing up (or down) to meet your operation's changing demands.

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Secret sauce

Everything that we accomplish, we do so via big-data analytics


We can predict (almost) anything and everything, from the carbon emissions on a ship – to the probability that an invoice is going to get paid. Big data bundled with ML unlock capital for you. Through these predictions, we confidently facilitate the trade finance automation that others won't touch. When you need it most - early on, upstream in the supply chain.

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