Offer extended payment terms to your customers, and access financing to book, manage, and deliver shipments globally, across all modes.

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Banks can’t fund Forwarders due to infrastructural complexity ​

We can. Fishtail data + infrastructure lower the risk and costs of trade finance, simplifying the entire process to allow for faster (and fairer) financing approvals.


You're spending time + money manually managing your back-office operations

Experience the power of end-to-end, automated trade technology. Automate payments (to carriers and suppliers), customer invoicing, streamline collections, +more.

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It's hard to achieve preferred status with suppliers and customers

Extend payment terms to your customers (30, 45, 60+ days) and pay suppliers on time to grow your market share and vendor relationships.

cash flow

Your growth is constrained by capital and tech infrastructure

Freight financing and trade workflow automation enable you to accept more, and larger customer orders to grow faster, responsibly.


Fast & free onboarding and funding approval


Complete digital onboarding in seconds, submit your purchase orders through a personalized online portal in minutes, and receive financing eligibility in as little as 48 hours.

Automated carrier

Embedded Finance 


Play like a VC-backed forwarder and unlock working capital to finance goods or freight for your customers and suppliers. Choose white-labeled, or not. Your choice.

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Automated carrier payments 
(in any country and currency)


Never wire a carrier or supplier, ever again. Save time and money, and avoid penalties at destination with timely cargo release

Fast & free onboarding

Automated invoicing


Simplify and streamline the accounts payable process to save time, money, and reduce human intervention with invoice automation - on your own terms and conditions.


Streamlined collections


Speed up your sale to revenue cycle. Free cash flow with more receivables, settled faster.


API Integrations


Integrate with your ERP. Benefit from enhanced functionality, improved efficiency and scalability with our API-driven cash advance and repayment workflows.

api integration



A unified platform provides trade-relevant information, including electronic docs like POs, BOLs, invoices, and contracts, and integrates physical and financial flows into one view, allowing multiple parties to see the same information (and updates) in real-time.


Secret sauce

Everything that we accomplish, we do so via big-data analytics


We can predict (almost) anything and everything, from the carbon emissions on a ship – to the probability that an invoice is going to get paid. Big data bundled with ML unlock capital for you. Through these predictions, we confidently facilitate the trade finance automation that others won't touch. When you need it most - early on, upstream in the supply chain.

secret sauce

Success stories: A boutique freight forwarder



A boutique freight forwarding company specializing in serving US importers was struggling to compete against larger, better-funded forwarders. Despite providing high-touch, white-glove service, the company lost deals due to its inability to offer longer payment terms, a common offering among legacy forwarders. Their standard cash flow could not accommodate such demands. 

Because of the same capital strain, this smaller forwarder had not invested in digitization to increase productivity and provide an automated logistics experience. Their intensley manual back-office operations (preparation of trade documents, invoicing, collections) held them back from reaching their full potential.


Value from Fishtail


Their ability to compete effectively against the more powerful players was hindered by a lack of capital and tech infrastructure. Thus, they formed a partnership with Fishtail to:

  • Turn working capital into a competitive advantage (now able to offer customers net 30, 60, + payment terms).
  • Integrate their booking system with trade finance and automation solutions, to access freight booking, financing and invoicing in a streamlined workflow.

By extending payment terms, both the forwarder and the customer benefitted significantly, with the forwarder being able to grow exponentially within one year, and the shipper getting to invest in their own growth and get more goods to people's doors.