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Introducing Fishtail Voices

Frame 59 (1) By Ronit Spiwak Wolf - March 23, 2023

Get ready to hear from Fishtail Voices!  

We’re excited to introduce a series of thought leadership interviews that brings together experts shaping the future of global trade.

Thanks to our conversations with diverse leaders with expertise in supply chain and logistics worlds, we will bring a comprehensive and nuanced view of what's happening in the global trading ecosystem. 

Our hope is that Fishtail Voices will offer the opportunity to diverse audiences to learn from leading industry voices and for our invited guests to candidly share and discuss their insights, experiences, and perspectives.

fishtail voices - cover for the videos


Why now?

Since the world shifted to remote and hybrid environments, it is increasingly important to create educational and creative opportunities to reflect on and discuss industry trajectories. Our goal with Fishtail Voices  is to promote and advance such exchanges. 

These engagements are valuable opportunities for  individuals and organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and connect with inspiring professionals and global experts. 

By sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights from leaders who are making an impact in their respective fields, we hope to inspire and motivate, while providing fresh perspectives and novel ideas that drive meaningful growth (both personally and professionally).

The details

Tune in every month, while you're crunching numbers or eating lunch, for 30(ish) minutes of recorded candid conversations, thought-provoking questions, and insightful discussions. If you prefer to read vs. listen, each episode will include transcripts.

And if you have a question (or comment) on an episode, or want to suggest someone be interviewed, drop us a line at

The first episode will be live the last week of March, featuring a high-energy,  passionate professional on the front lines of in-transit supply chain risk management…. Stay tuned!

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