About us

about us

We are a VC-backed, revenue-generating Trade Finance automation company that is bringing the $10tn Trade Finance space into the 21st century.

We are entrepreneurial, fast-moving, highly collaborative - and passionate about leveraging big data, 3rd party supply chain data, and machine learning to de-risk, automate and streamline trading and financing for our customers.

about us

Our Team

We have a rich DNA

Our team is made of entrepreneurial and collaborative individuals that bring multifaceted talents to the table.

Our fintech, private equity, global logistics and fund management experts bring the acumen needed to deliver the best value to our customers.

Our big data, trade technology and large scale machine learning teams are foundational to build platforms that embody that value.

Our human centric design specialists ensure that our platforms serve customers' needs, while delighting them with interfaces that are easy to use and accessible.

And last yet not least, our legal and regulatory team ensures that all we do and deliver is spotless.



Our manifesto 

Trade Finance for the rest of us

"Trade finance for the rest of us" is our motto for a key reason: we wish to empower all traders and forwarders, not only some. Our starting point is always the customer - regardless of industry, geography, size, or focus. Our angle is global, with an emphasis on enabling customers to carry their own mission and on bringing capital access equity where capital is frequently lacking. To unlock capital we use automation, machine learning and carefully designed platforms and experiences.


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Our values

Uncompromisingly human centric

We respect humans and put them at the center of our work - be them users, customers, or colleagues. We encourage and actively look to adopt technology in solving problems, but we make sure it serves humans, not the other way around.

Counter-culture rebelliousness

We are not here to follow the status quo and our glass is relentlessly half full. We believe that nothing is impossible when grounded in solid data, people and values. We are open to new ideas yet resist fads. We are rebels that collaborate, embrace change and adjust fast.

Powered by trustworthy data

We are data-grounded and believe in facts. While we respect the key role of subjectivity in human decision making, we believe that objective data not only brings value, but also helps decipher what is a fact, and what isn’t. Some data must be transparent, other types should be kept private and confidential - knowing the difference empowers integrity and trustworthy decisions.

One size does not fit all

We recognize and respect the global dimension of our work. Our business mission, performance and impact matter - yet our business matters only if and when based on equitable, just and sustainable practices. These practices are at the heart of meaningful work, collaborative workstyles.

Quiet strength

We are present but never in the way. We have strong opinions yet are powered by modesty and diplomacy. We enable the broader base instead of pushing one size fits all agendas or trying to look strong at any cost.

Be the best, be the kindest

We believe that successful products are fueled by a work philosophy based on kindness, empathy, and inclusivity. We strive to empower others, while honoring diverse ways of being, thinking, working and using our products. Teamwork is of essence.

Play, together

We have fun and value shared laughter. Conviviality is at the center of how we interact and work. We are extremely serious about our mission and vision - yet we do not take ourselves too seriously. We like to play, experiment and learn - together.

Do the right thing, especially
when no one is watching

We recognize that trust is the currency on which the world creates value. In enabling, empowering, advising responsible businesses and growth around the globe, our integrity is paramount. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say – boldly, with confidence.

ESG is close to our hearts

ESG is close to our hearts

We believe that finance is a fundamental right of global business. Because of that, we focus on the traditionally unfinanceable: small businesses and emerging markets. It's not your fault if you are not a large organization!

We also believe that great products exist only when you have a great team - a team that is diverse and that represents the world we all share.

We are painfully aware that trading implies the use of transportation that causes emissions - transportation that is responsible for ~30% of the world's green house gas emissions. That is why we work hard to measurably reduce emissions by rewarding good supply chain behavior with better interest rates.

Fun fact: We have a sustainability-linked trade finance product where we can tie the interest rate of our loans to the sustainability of the individual shipment (i.e. the greener the shipment, the better your interest rate).