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Problems &
Value Propositions


Banks take too long and may not even work with SMB companies

Get funded in as little as 48 hours. The modernized mechanics of how we operate allow for speedy onboarding of every fish in the sea - from minnows to whales.

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Unmet large orders because of working capital tie-up

With immediate capital to fund your growing business, the global trade playing field is leveled out to allow companies of different sizes and cash flows to invest in growth and compete more equitably.

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Early stage purchase order financing is rare

No invoice? No problem. With big data and Machine Learning, Fishtail analyzes your global supply chain network and unlocks capital as early as you need it.

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Hidden fees and long timelines can slow down the business

Our advanced automation vanishes manual processes, including credit risk analysis, underwriting, supplier payments and collections - so stakeholders can access credit sooner and get paid faster.

Our secret sauce

Everything that we accomplish, we do so via big-data analytics. We can predict (almost) anything and everything, from the carbon emissions on a ship – to the probability that an invoice is going to get paid. Big data bundled with ML unlock capital for you. Through these predictions, we confidently facilitate the trade finance automation that others won't touch. 

for Global Traders

Goods (Purchase Order) Financing

Supplier payments

Fast onboarding and approval

Trade workflow automation


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for Forwarders

Financing to book, manage, and deliver shipments globally

Net payment terms to customers (30, 45, 60+)

Supplier/carrier payment

Trade workflow automation


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Embedded Finance

White label solution

Streamlined workflow and proactive reminders

Trade workflow automation

API Integrations (TMS, Booking, Invoicing)


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