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for the rest of us

Trade finance doesn't
work for SMBs

Fishtail definitely does.

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Traditional working
capital doesn't work

Most financiers will only finance US transactions

Banks don't understand supply chains, so they won't touch POs

Hidden fees and long timelines can slow down your business?

Get $ now!

Capital is the limiting factor for many shippers and forwarders.

Buyers are increasingly pushing out net
payment terms, making it hard to scale
your business.
Unlock your growth with the easiest
trade finance ever.
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At Fishtail, we provide the access to capital you need.

This is trade finance like you have never seen it before.

Let's go!

Making capital
work with Fishtail:

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step 03

Upload your PO/

Either upload it directly in the Fishtail app or give it to your freight forwarder and we’ll kick off the world’s most advanced underwriting engine (and also let you know if there are any risks for your shipment).

Accept your

Know exactly what to expect so you can overcome capital barriers once and for all.

Do more and grow more

Because you can take on more business, paying a fraction of what you would have paid a loan shark and even a bank, you can handle more – and become more.

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Fishtail and

Your product, your customers, your mission – we care about all the things that make you, you.

Every geography, every industry, any size at all: Fishtail can help you.

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